who we are, where we came from and where we're going

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” – The Bhagavad Gita

Three friends found much insight from their intensive yoga teacher practice and decided to commit to inspiring healthier communities by giving people the tools to connect to their source, their SELF in capital letters: their power and purpose, and ultimately to one another




owner + yoga instructor

Is there a better way to practice yoga on and off the mat than running a studio and spreading its goodness far and wide?!


owner + yoga instructor

Creating a space where discipline, wellness, and learning come together is very rewarding.


owner + yoga instructor

Share in order to enjoy, coexist in order to feel; practicing honestly with others allows me to keep learning and growing.



Lemon Yoga began in Seville at the end of Spring 2019. Its founders Fátima, Roberto and Corrine shared a special journey together in the nine months before its creation, culminating with the intention to continue learning together and spreading the good vibes, lessons and asanas (yoga postures) with their local community. The auspicious way the opportunity unfolded before them to create Lemon Yoga felt more like a direct calling, a sign so obvious and clear that it would be almost reckless not to pursue it. 

During their nine months teacher training spent together alongside Roberto—one of the assistant instructors—Corrine and Fátima experienced something unexpected. While they were clearly deepening their physical practice and gaining corporal strength and confidence, they were simultaneously following a path of self-development and internal growth that began to bear fruit and reveal possibilities which they had previously been blind to. The truth, they were soon to discover, was that the fruit—or possibilities—were always there, within reach, but that there was cloud cover preventing them from being seen, which had to be burnt off by the light of the sun. 

This metaphor is not as abstract as it sounds; it applies to every one of us: the cloud cover is simply the ego, often the very thing standing in the way of our own success, as counter-intuitive as it seems. The ego, overtime, can become murky and inaccurate, distorting the truth and emphasizing negative feelings such as fear, scarcity, and competition. If we let the ego lead us it where it wants, it is not surprising we often see right past the abundance life has to offer. 

The sun, or light which burns off the cloud cover, is Source, or truth: our true selves. It is what connects us all, what maintains the intricate balance that is our universe and all that sustains us. It is benevolent and born from love. Our true selves know no limit; our true selves live in a constant state of abundance. 

The friends found themselves very fortunate to have gained such important insight from their yoga practice, while at the same time a sense of responsibility to share these discoveries began to seed in their fertile minds. Thus arose the mission of Lemon Yoga:  

To inspire healthier communities by giving people the tools to connect to their source, their SELF in capital letters; their power and purpose, and ultimately to one another. 



More and more resolved to see their vision brought to life, Corrine, Fátima, and Roberto dived in together to take on the project, abandoning any of the ego´s futile precautions. Lemon Yoga aspires to create a space for the community where alongside nurturing a healthy and strong body through a thoughtful and present physical practice as an anchor—yoga—its members also feel inspired and encouraged to pursue their personal paths of self-development through self-awareness (and love).

Lemon Yoga aims to offers its patrons a center where they can come for yoga, community, manual therapies, expressive exploration, or even just a tea and a chat, and where the possibilities for connection are exponential.