With more than 20 weekly yoga classes, we encourage you to try different teachers and intensities to round out your practice and find what feels best for your own body.

* To maintain hygiene and healthy post-quarantine standards, please reserve your spot in evening classes -- you can do that right below or heading over to our page on Calendly!


Collaborating TEACHERS


yoga instructor


yoga instructor

Fátima C.

yoga instructor

Grateful to be having so much fun; yoga makes me happy. It´s impossible for me not to share with others what continues to enhance my own life. Always learning.

Yoga reminds me of our unity with all that is. It is the "yoke" that serves not to join mind/body/soul, but rather to show that all is already one.

Yoga allows me to see beyond form and enter into the dimension of consciousness itself. It's an anchor to the present, to my inner world and vital energy. Ultimately yoga connects me to being alive.


owner + yoga instructor


owner + yoga instructor


owner + yoga instructor


yoga instructor


yoga instructor

Yoga is the path through which I find contentment with myself and others.

Finding a moment everyday to dedicate to inner peace, to listen to your body, to feed your happiness, should not be taken as a mere suggestion, but rather made as an unshakable promise with yourself.

Yoga helps me everyday to live in my essential being, both on and off the mat.


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Or if you’re a teacher, coach or other form of wellness practitioner, and are interested in working together to offer value to our community, please let us know!


yoga instructor

Yoga is an instrument of life and balance of well-being. He who gives himself the gift of making this discipline a habit is able to become aware of the full vitality of body and mind.

Yoga is a way of life, a super tool to reconnect with oneself. I am lucky to be able share it!

A disciple of life; a wanderer who lets himself be surprised.


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